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    Amanda Lee Jones Art Studio | Atelier style art classes

    I did not always know I wanted to be a painter. I did not even imagine this was an option. So it wasn’t until later in life, after a series of fateful events, that I found myself in a weekend art class beginning a journey that would eventually lead me to where I am today.  It has been a profound and life changing experience, and I am extraordinarily blessed that not only have I found my passion, but that I am able to share it with others. 


    Painting is what keeps me sane. It’s my communion, my meditation, my peace. When I paint, and all is going well, the world falls away. Through intense focus on translating light and form, I am able to enter a place where time seems to stop and I am entirely in the present moment. This, above all else, is what compels me to keep coming back to the canvas.


    Amanda Jones received her BS in elementary education from Texas State University, and her initial art training under Mary Watkins at 3 Muses School of Fine Arts, and subsequent training privately and in workshops with Graydon Parrish and Daniel Sprick. She taught at 3 Muses from 2005-2007, after which began teaching from her personal studio, which she continues to do today.



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